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Disability Agencies
MassRelay and MassEDP
Benefit Programs

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Worcester, Massachusetts has many resources to help people with disabilities. A network of agencies provides rehabilitation services, technological assistance, vocational services, social services, advocacy and public education programs. Disability agencies offer support services to help people with disabilities remain independent in their homes and communities.

Resources for People with Disabilities

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Disability Agencies

Disability agencies offer a wide range of services to help people with disabilities live and work independently. The agencies offer information and referrals, advocacy and legal assistance, assistive technology, employment services, independent living skills training, and various other disability services.

Benefit Programs

Worcester has many benefit programs to help residents with disabilities. Some of these programs are specifically for people with disabilities. Other programs are not specifically for people with disabilities, but have special rules or benefits for people with disabilities.

You can use our web site search tool to find information about programs and services for people with disabilities.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal insurance program that gives monthly cash benefits to eligible workers who become totally disabled and cannot work for a year or more. Workers must have earned enough Social Security credits and worked recently enough to be insured.

MassRelay and MassEDP

MassRelay is a free service that allows people who use text-based TTY phones to have telephone conversations with people who use standard phones. Massachusetts residents with permanent disabilities who need specialized telephone equipment can get free or reduced cost equipment from the MassEDP Equipment Distribution Program.

Home Care Programs

Worcester residents with disabilities who need support services but wish to live at home can get help from home care programs. Support services vary by program, but may include housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, personal care assistance, home health care, and other services. Home care programs can delay or prevent nursing home placements.

How Do I ...?
*on MassResources.org

Find answers to "How do I ...?" questions of interest to people with disabilities. Questions include "How do I get a disabled parking placard • health care proxy • make a living will • DNR order • share my medical information (HIPAA) • get a power of attorney • get a Mass ID card • and others.

Other Disability Web Sites
*on MassResources.org

Links to other web sites with related information about resources for people with disabilities, on MassResources.org.


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